Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mountain Bike Skills Courses: What we do

I got an email a couple of days ago, asking for more info on our skills courses. It occurred to me that they have evolved quite a bit over the last two years, and the info currently on the website maybe doesn't truely reflect what happens.
Anyway, here's the reply I sent, explaining what we do on our skills courses:
"I run two different levels of skills courses - beginner and intermediate. Our website gives an overview of each course. To give a wee bit more info, the beginner courses take place at Glentress and cover all the fundamentals such as bike set up, body position, use of brakes & gears, line choice, basic obstacles (rocks & roots) etc. The aim of the course is to take people with little off road riding experience and have them riding blue graded trail centre trails comfortably by the end ofthe course.The intermediate level course is for more experienced riders. Initially we look at the fundamentals, going 'back to basics' to ensure the basic techniques are solid and to iron out any bad habits which you may have picked up. Then we look at taking those skills to the more technical trails and adding some speed. This course is aimed at those who are maybe already riding red & black graded trails, and are 'surviving' them, but want to ride them faster with more confidence and control. We run these at several locations - Glentress, Wolftrax and the Witches Trails. As we tend to work with small groups the content of each course is tailored to you, so we ask a lot of questions about your goals at the time of booking. Although there is an itinerary described on the website, we rarely stick to it!
Both courses cost £99 per person and run over two days (usually a weekend) from 09.30am to around 4pm. There are set dates on the website, but we can run one for you on any date. If you'd prefer a single day, we can also run a single day session for £65, again on a date of your choice."
Maybe it's time to update the website...

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