Thursday, 7 May 2009

Blog mentions, bike meltdown, Trail Centres Guidebook

Our Tour of the Cairngorms got a wee mention on the Minx Girl blog, check it out here.

A few days off the bike this week, so I have just put together a list of stuff needed for the On One Summer season 456. The frame was new last autumn, but a lot of the parts are two years old now and some are very tired

Have run out of Stan's Tubeless Goo £12

2 new chainrings (one knackered, one knackered and bent) £50

New Hollowtech II bottom bracket (doesn't sound healthy) £25

Pedals (absolutely gubbed) £35

Rear mech (springs have gone a bit limp!) £35
was going to buy a new XT shadow, but from Chain Reaction its £56!! SLX will be fine!

Chain £12
past 0.75 on the Park Chain Checker, so will probably mean:

Cassette £35
again was going to go for XT, but since it's now ridiculous money SLX will do

Brake pads £25

Total - over £200 just to get everything running smoothly again. I was thinking about some new forks, probably Pikes and wheels with wider rims to go with my new fondness for massive tyres. These may be on the back burner for a while now though! Still, I have had well over 200 quids worth of fun out of all this gear, so I can hardly complain.

Just got some copies of the acclaimed Mountain Biking Trail centres Guidebook in from V-Graphics. Written by my one time Mountain Mayhem team mate Tom Fenton, it has details on all 67 of the UK's purpose built mountain bike centres.

Available from my ebay shop with free postage and over 15% off RRP. Bargain!

Just in case you need convinced, here is the Bikemagic review

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